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A force is a push or pull that can be caused by acceleration, but not always.
It is measured by newtons which is kgm/s^2
There are two classes of forces, contact and field course
Contact forces occur with contact. An example of field course is gravity
force.gifThere are four different types of forces acting on an single object. The four forces are called normal force, the frictional force, the applied force and the force of gravity. The normal force is the force that comes from the weight of the object. The gravitational force is the force that keeps the object from falling towards the center of the earth. The frictional force is the force caused by friction and the applied forces is the force that is applied to the object. This picture is a picture of what physicist call a free body diagram. A free body diagram is a diagram that shows the forces that act upon an object.

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by Nahdir Austin - Nice basic summary of information - Dr Interlandi
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Section 2 by Ashlee Chambers
  • In the absence of a net force, a body will preserve its state of motion.
  • When the net external force on an abject is 0, the object's acceleration is 0.
  • The sum of forces acting on an objectis the net force.
  • External force is a single force that acts on an object as a result of the interaction between the object and
its environment.
  • Net force is the vector sum of all forces acting on an object.
  • Mass is a measure of inertia.
  • Equilibrium is the state in which the net force on an object is 0.

Newton's Wok and Forcesby Jabryia Morrow - Nice job! - Dr Interlandi

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By Syaff Brunson Jr.

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