On this page we will explore and discuss graphical analysis. The first activity here is to complete the form below to create a data set which can be used to analyze data graphically using excel.

Here is the data file.

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Notes on the male versus female data assignment: In order to compare male to female data, there a re a few things you can do:

1. Sort the data by gender using the sort command in the data menu at the top of the excel page.
2. Determine averages of the data by using the =AVERAGE() function in excel (see excel help for details). You can find the average height and mass for boys and girls in the data set.
3. Create a new data table with all masses in the first column, girls heights in column 2 and boys heights in column 3. Graph the data using a scatter plot (use the chart wizard in the main toolbar). Have Excel put a best-fit line through the girl's data and then through the boy's data. Compare the two relationships. What is the same, what is different?