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I think national lab day is a good idea that high schools should invest in. It gives students to oppurtunity to talk to representatives in their field and give them better confidence in their proposed careers.
Rich Lion

Syaff Brunson Jr.

I think that a project that we could do it Solar energy panals, provindin light for plants instead of direct sunlight

Kanda Faye
I think that we should incorporate thermal energy into our project, maybe constructing a device that could take heat from the ground to use as energy in order to power other objects.

Reed Staver

We Should get small wind Turbines and Solar panels, then we could use them to power whatever electrical devices we desire and a machine that converts water into hydrogen. Then with that stored hydrogen we could keep it until there is no sun or wind, once that happens we could run the hydrogen through a fuel cell to turn it back into electricity to power whatever needs power. This would basically use the hydrogen as a battery. The biggest problem would be if the reconversion of the hydrogen provided a significant amount less energy than it took to turn it into hydrogen in the first place.

Amory Lovins