This is a list of all the 10 point assignments offered in class for the 1st quarter. You can do other projects if you clear it with Dr. Interlandi first! Intro Freebee: Syllabus signed and questions answered
  1. Derive a mathematical relationship between the K and F temperature scales using graphical and algebraic methods.
  2. Analyze the differences between male and female height and weight data.
  3. Research more about examples of indirect measurement, and report in any format you wish. All references must be clearly stated.
  4. Indirect Measurement of Distance Activity - See handout for more information.
  5. How do you measure the properties of very small things? How do you improve on this measurements? See page 31 #4 in our text for more specifics on this question.
  6. Create a poster depicting the possible ranges of measurement for a dimension such as time, distance, speed or mass. Show examples of very small and very large things along the scale. See page 31, #5 for more details.
  7. Derive an equation of motion that does not contain vi, initial velocity. Show all work and explain.
  8. Sketch graphs of position, velocity and acceleration versus time for a train that leaves a station, comes to constant velocity, travels for a while, and then slows to a stop at a second station.
  9. Take a unit quiz on the measurement unit. Quiz covers significant figures, scientific notation, unit conversions (dimensional analysis) and linear graphing. Quizzes can be taken any day after school.
  10. Figure out a cool way to put the notes from September 28th (derivation of linear motion equations) on the Linear motion page. Edit the page, and share your work with the class. This can be 1 or 2 assignment credits, depending on how much work is done.
  11. Take a unit quiz on chapter 2 - Motion in one dimension. Quiz covers graphing and solving linear motion problems. Also includes free-fall motion. See Chapter Review Sheet for details.
  12. Choose from alternative assessments # 2,3, or 5 on page 73. Other assignments on this page may be appropriate too - check with Dr. Interlandi before you start.
  13. Report on the winners of this year's Nobel Prize in Physics. Find out where they work, and what they are doing now. Upload your work to the new wikipage on the 2009 Nobel prize in Physics.
  14. Graphical analysis of free-fall lab.
  15. Virtual Projectile lab.
  16. Projectile lab - ball into cup.
  17. Take a unit quiz on chapter 3 - Motion in two dimensions.
  18. Complete an alternative assessment project on page 113. General topic: 2D Motion and vectors.
  19. Complete problem # 62 on page 113. Explain your solution completely in words. Explain what you had to think about to do each part of the problem. Discuss vectors, and independence of motion in the x and y direction.
  20. Edit notes for 2-D motion on the wiki page.