1. One Dimensional forces simulation activity is here:PHET 1D Forces Activity
2. Contribute to the Forces and Friction page. Include notes from text readings in chapter 4 or in class lectures.
3. Complete any Chapter 4 alternative assessment on page 149 in the Holt Physics text.
4. Report on Issac Newton's work in physics. He did lots of other stuff too. Power Point presentations and posters would be good formats. Include references and DO NOT paste and copy directly from websites. Taking sentences and paragraphs directly from another writer and making it your own is unethical and illegal in many cases. Write your own material!!
5. Demonstrate your analytical abilities - complete either problem # 48 or # 52 on page 148 in the textbook.
6. Determining coefficients of friction activity (in class lab work).
7. Report on an important hydroelectric power plant. Discuss specific details like when it was built, how much it cost, how much energy it produces, who runs it, who it serves, what environmental impacts it has and so forth. This is a suggested list of things to include, but it is not exhaustive. Please be as detailed as possible and write this yourself. DO NOT copy and paste from a web page, unless you are quoting small sections. INCLUDE ALL REFERENCES!!
8. Compare the energy contents and costs of various fuels and/or sources of electricity. Discuss why certain fuels are chosen for use in specific circumstances. Answer question like, "Why did gasoline become such an important fuel for transportation?"
9. Find out more about Amory Lovins. Explain his argument about the relationship between economic growth and energy consumption. INCLUDE ALL REFERENCES!!
10. Energy - Integrating health worksheet.
11. Report on trends in Renewable Energy utilization on this link. What are the growth rates for solar, wind and other such sources of energy? What do they cost now? How does accounting for environmental costs of fossil fuel burning change the calculations on total costs? INCLUDE ALL REFERENCES.
12. Conservation of Energy Lab. 1 Assignment credit for data and graph producing the spring constant OR 2 Assignment credits for all data analysis and questioned answer from pages 194-195 in text.
13. Any alternative assessment from chapter 5, page 189
14. Collisions simulations activity
15. Collisions review sheet
16. Any alternative assessment from chapter 6, page 227.
17. Centripetal Force Lab