Following are assignments for the 4th Quarter.

1. Chapters 21 & 22 vocabulary - nuclear physics.
2. Radioactive dating game lab.Radioactive Dating Game
3. Radon reading.
4. Nuclear Decay / Radiometric Dating worksheets
5. Modern Physics simulation: Radioactive decay, fission and chain reactions.Alpha decay simulation Nuclear fission simulation
6. Rest mass and energy worksheet.
7. Report on nuclear energy. 2-pages, with references. Be sure to incorporate the latest debate on nuclear power in the U.S. as part of your research.
8. Report on nuclear medicine. 2-pages with references. Be sure to include the most modern advances in diagnostic medicine and therapeutic medicine.
9. Report on 2010 gulf oil spill, or other aspect of oil science or engineering. 2-pages with references.
10. On famous physicists: focus on women and minorities in research. Find out about one of these scientists: Warren Henry, Marie Curie, Shirley Ann Jackson, Stephen Chu. Find out what obstacles they faced as they attempted to do their life's work. What were their major accomplishments, and what are the impacts of their work?
11. Chapters 17 & 18 vocabulary - electrical energy and circuits.
12. It's electric! Electrical energy introductory math worksheet.
13. Integrating Biology and Chemistry worksheets.
14. Batteries, Resistance and Current simulation worksheet.
15. Make your your simulation activity - electricity and circuits. +20 Bonus for best student assignment received before June 9th.
16. Why do we use AC sometimes and DC other times? What other kinds of electrical energy are there? Paper or PP presentations. Please include all references.
17. On the science of risk assessment. Read David Brook's column on risk assessment in the NY Times here: Drilling for Certainty . Conduct on-line research to learn more about risk assessment, who uses it, and what it's goals and results are. Prepare a short report with some examples of how risk assessment might be relevant to your own life and submit it by June 11th. Please list all references.
18. Complete any alternative assessments dealing with electricity and circuits. Chapters 17 and 18, pages 631 and 671.