This is the home page for Dr. Interlandi's Honors Physics classes. Here, we will be creating wiki-pages for major topics that we cover in class. This will also be a place where students can view assignments, and post their work.

For today's lesson I'd like to take a break from our regular curriculum to talk about some opportunities in education, technology and business. Your job here is to explore the links and report back on what you think is useful for us. In particular, are there any activities that you'd like to have planned for National Lab Day?

Start with this link to Tom Friedman's column this morning about Friedman on Jobs
The other links to explore are below:
National Lab Day
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

20 October: Here's a link to get to part III for the projectile simulation lab: Part III

7 October: For help with the boys vs. girls data assignment, see the bottom of the Graphical analysis page here: Graphical Analysis